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[News]The artificial wholesaler (二)[ 2014-06-21 09:57 ]
However, the most popular or at home, to say the artificial flowers has become an everyday items, regardless of the opening ceremony, wedding reception, or office space, the environment that occupy the home, there are silk flowers, simulation flower sales are ...
[News]The Story I communicated with my client (1)[ 2013-12-28 10:12 ]
One year ago , I met  Irina at the first time ,I  received a inquiry from her . At that time ,I was just a new saler .I selled the artificial flowers ,our company is a manufacturer and supplier of silk flowers and our clients are from developed count...
[News]We are the Best[ 2013-11-02 09:31 ]
 Silk flowers is one of the best alternatives to provide year-round indoor floral decoration, so beautiful flowers can often accompany you. Our artificial flower factory can offer you artificial flowe...
[News]Decorate your home with silk flowers[ 2013-10-20 18:13 ]
 Look around your home and think about your style and what might work before you purchase your silk flowers. We recommend going to stores and looking at the variety of flowers that you have to choose from. Think about what you see blooming in the yard as ...
[News]Foshan Tongxin Artificial Flower Co.,ltd[ 2013-10-12 17:26 ]
 Foshan Tongxin Artificial Flower Co.,ltd was established in 2006 , which was ever Foshan Arts & Crafts Works Co.,Ltd founded in 1988. Our factory is focusing on producing high quality artificial silk flowers for more than 25 years. We have a professi...
[News]silk flowers-part②[ 2013-09-14 10:54 ]
 Silk flowers-Part
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