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To create a modern artificial flower production base (2)

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To create a modern artificial flower production base (2) 

2.  modern production system

Only have modern production technology is not enough, but also a breakthrough in the system management. For example, some of the traditional production model is based on artificial flowers to arrange the production of customer orders, this method is simple and less error prone, less suitable for small business artificial flower factory. With the development and expansion of our factory, gradually increasing customer orders, each one different orders will always have the same type of artificial flowers, silk flowers the same color, if they can produce a few orders simultaneously in the same time period, some of the same products this will greatly reduce production loss.


Now, we Foshan Tongxin Artificial Flowers Co., Ltd. has moved to a new place, continuous improvement, and installation of new production equipment, artificial flowers efforts to modernize the production base of the goal.


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