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Popular floral language (3)

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Peony looks beautiful, has the beauty of color, aroma, rhyme. In the farewell lovers and family travel, send a peony flowers can express said goodbye.

Hyacinth - victory, competitive

Hyacinth is one of the flowers of liliaceous open in early spring. In Greek mythology, There is a legend about hyacinth: The sun god (Apollo)and the grandson of Zeus are friendly,make West wind god feel very jealous. One day when Apollo throwing the discus,the West wind god let winds blow the discus to his head. Blood was flowing from the head, grow a plant flowers, is the hyacinth.

Purple hyacinth: sadness and jealousy

White hyacinth: afraid to show love

The red hyacinth: thank you

Yellow hyacinth: I am very happiness

Tulips--the confession of love

Tulip colour is gorgeous, elegant and dignified. In the Netherlands,we can see tulip everywhere.

Red tulips: the confessions of love, I love you.
Yellow tulips: there is no hope of love.
Purple tulip: eternal love.
White tulips: brokenhearted.

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