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Why am I welcome

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 1, Environmental protection

Artificial flower raw materials mainly include: plastic products, silk products, polyester products, also mixed resin and clay.In addition, use a metal, glass, blow molding paper, filaments, decorative paper, ribbons, these materials are free from contamination or pollution is small.

2, Little affected by the environment
Most public places and office use air conditioning, the indoor light is often not enough, so the room to be good in one plant is not an easy thing, but artificial flowers can easily achieve this the colour and lustre of artificial flowers and plants, can keep fresh for a long period of time, four seasons will not decay sere like planting flowers and plants.

Easy to maintain
Silk flower branches and leaves not moldy, not decay, and does not need watering, no breeding flies;Artificial flowers and plants do not need of artificial breeding, can save water, cutting, such as smelting bug trouble;Silk flowers and fabric flowers need not for photosynthesis, no more hurt children eating side effects, which is very suitable for home family with the old man children and the couples to work.

4, Easy to transport
Some artificial flowers still much lower than true flowers grass, convenient transportation and handling easily: the need to change the design, recombining collocation, can change a different atmosphere.Suitable for a family beautify the environment, and enduring.


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