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To create a modern artificial flower production base (1)

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 To create a modern artificial flower production base (1)

A company with 20 years of experience in the production of man-made artificial flowers factory , we have been committed to providing customers with high -quality simulation of artificial flowers , stable quality , variety, known in bright colors artificial flower industry . In pursuit of quality excellence , service-oriented philosophy , we are constantly thinking holding a sense of crisis : the face of the ever-changing market , how do we fight self-inflicted artificial flower production base of a modern enterprise , and to the goal of a century enterprise move it? Here we have two of thinking:


Modernization has two requirements:

1 modern production technology

As a traditional handicraft industries, labor costs has been a major factor restricting the production of cheap suppliers . Especially for modification of China 's economic structure , the price rises high speed , wages will rise, the result is either the product price followed up , either the factory to reduce profits. Price increases, so that customers have suffered losses , reduce the competitiveness of artificial flowers . Profits, is not conducive to the sustainable development of our factory . This is a game : the interests of workers , factories and customers, how to balance the interests of the three , so that mutual benefit is a question of our suppliers must consider. Improved production technology of artificial flowers , is the best way : through the use of modern technology to improve every process ( petals stereotypes, Tori shot bones, squid injection , etc. ) , each production equipment ( such as stereotypes, shoot bone , punch ) , increase productivity of workers, both to ensure the expected income of workers, but also a very good cost control , the artificial flowers at a reasonable price range .

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