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The history of floriculture

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 Flower arrangements in General can be divided into two types, one by China, Japan and other countries as the representative of the Oriental style flower arrangement, another is represented by Europe and the United States, Western-style flower arrangement. Western style flower arranging originated in ancient Egypt. As early as 2500 BC ago, Egypt people with Lily (India Lan Shuilian Ye Shuilian and teeth) into the bottle or bowl and decorate the table, or as a gift or for funerals. As oriental style flower arrangements of birthplace, currently has two species claims: one said up stems from India, reason is flower arrangements first by Buddha Qian flowers rise, Buddhist stems from India, but has not found any enough to confirmed this a claims of history information; second said stems from China, reason is in Buddhist incoming China Qian, sent between has has cut (ancient said folding branch spent) of widely application, this is original of flower arrangements ideas, is flower arrangements of prototype.

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