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The craft of artificial flower

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 Artificial flowers is a branch of handcraft industry, although there are machines during in the production process, handmade is the most important technology, including cutting, shooting, pressing, dyeing and assembling. Labor cost is the highest factor for a piece of artificial flower since some of phase of production process can not achieve full automation. As result, there is a contradiction her : if production process to achieve most of automation, that would be reduced labor cost greatly, but it will also recede the quality of artificial flower. Manmade is better than machine.Therefore, different factory, different market position, also comes with different quality and price of artificial flowers.


Foshan tongxin artificial flowers co.,ltd specializes in producing high quality simulation of artificial flower for more than 26 years. Our pursuit is high-end products , excellence and innovation. In this year , we continue to increase investment in research, expending the sales team , as well as optimizing production management, to provide more high quality artificial flower and excellent service for customers.


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