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The artificial wholesaler (二)

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However, the most popular or at home, to say the artificial flowers has become an everyday items, regardless of the opening ceremony, wedding reception, or office space, the environment that occupy the home, there are silk flowers, simulation flower sales are growing at 40% a year.

Random material widely, easy to learn technology, good product sales, this is the machining simulation flower industry gets more and more small and medium-sized investors. Simulation flower vivid, delicate and charming vulgar, but its vitality for a long time, and no flowers effeminacy: flower stem arbitrary bending, Mosaic optional curling, petals are not afraid to rub, not deformation, facilitate storage, packaging and transportation, this is the direct dynamic simulation flower trade thriving.

High artificial flower wholesale market in Guangdong, is one of the most common variety in Guangdong arts and crafts, along with the market expanding, now has high simulation flower wholesale all over the country. Simulation flower has beautiful and easy, fine workmanship, high fidelity to the characteristics of the market both at home and abroad have a higher market share.

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