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How I Communicate with Our Clients

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                    How I Communicate with Our Clients 

I am a sales of artificial flowers ,I am employed by Tongxin Artificial Flowers Co. ,Ltd ,
which is founded in 1988 .
A long term business begins just from a contact ,it maybe from a message ,a phone call
or a email .
Our clients send us the inquiry of artificial flowers for many kinds of demands , it is for
a instant order ,for a visiting ,for a business contact to set up a long term relationship ,
or it maybe just for a contact info .
I usually reply all the inquiry at the same day ,and I think it is the most important
to set up a good contact with the clients and keep communication for the business of 
artificial flowers .
The main communication is by email ,but sometimes the email system has some problem
and become unstable ,so the other contact way is also important ,such as the cellphone
and the instant message tools .
Normally ,both sides need to communicate about all the terms ,such as price ,MOQ ,
delivery time ,payment term ,packing and delivery ,and the others . I will keep contact with
my clients to ensure the artificial flowers can be delivered  on quality and on time .
On offering good service to our clients ,I have to improve my skills in the future ,and it is
my honor and pleasure to be the service of our clients .
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