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Hoforwill will finish a great project

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     For this several years, our many Europe customers always ask us if we pass the BSCI. For some reasons, we are difficult to start  the project to do it. But we clearly know how important the BSCI to build the confidence for our customers.

      How do you know about the BSCI?
      BSCI means Business Social Compliance Initiative, namely, the Business Social Compliance Initiative on global provider organization BSCI members conducted social audits, including: compliance with the law, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, the prohibition of discrimination, compensation, working hours, workplace safety, prohibit the use of child labor, such as the prohibition of forced labor, the environment and safety issues. BSCI currently absorb more than 180 members from 11 countries, mostly European retailers and buyers, they will actively promote them to accept BSCI audit suppliers in the world to improve their human rights situation.
      Nowadays, our company, our company from Foshan tongxin artificial flower Co.,Ltd  to Foshan Hoforwill Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd, We still produce high quality artificial silk flowers. In order to get more customers confidence, we start the BSCI project this month.
Hoforwill will give our promise and let all the customer know our sprit: customer first, keep improving.
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