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Enjoy towering spires of Delphiniums all year round with our beautiful faux flower stems. 

Delphinium ,slender leaves green, flower brilliance and beauty, from a distance like birds play each branch.


There are colorful silk flower:

Cream: fresh and cool

Green: energetic

Pink flowers:on behalf of the poetry

Blue: calming and peaceful

Purple: Noble and elegant

Delphinium flowers, is a typical downy light, in the design of flower art, can easily produce the standing of radioactive texture, also bring more change for floral overall pattern, will also increase the overall area of flower art, with strong sense of rhythm and rhythm.Delphinium flower color is more, can be easily drawn.Compared with the rose, peony flowers, delphinium less formal and grand, but very like early spring fields blooming flower, collocation glass flowers, you can keep the flower art took on a more pure and fresh sense.

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