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Artificial flowers production process: Dyeing

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Artificial flowers production process: dyeing

Dyeing is the production of artificial flowers in the second step after the petals cutting. There are five main dyeing process including :

1) Dying color material is the key of first step , we dye color according to Pantone standard.

2) Injection of dyeing, To inject the dyeing material into the core of flower petals.

3) Sweep color, use a brush to sweep other color on the edges of the petals

4) Dehydration, excess water on the petals off

5) Drying, use a microwave oven to dry petals


Dyeing is a less complicated process but requires careful attitude, the weather, the proportion of formulation, drying time, etc., may lead to the same items , a slightly different batches of product differentiation. To put an end to the case of goods not board, Hoforwill adhere to strict process for production according to samples, quality inspection before shipping the second high-intensity production management to ensure that customers receive quality products.

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