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Artificial flower procedure : Cutting

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 Flower Petal Cutting is the first procedure of artificial flowers production. The purpose is to cut the fabric into many flower petals by a cutting machine. Then sent to dyeing department. The principle is to use petal cutting mould (known as : knife mould) press and cut the shape of petal.

The quality of material ( cloth ) and mould ,the performance of machine, and the proficiency of workers are important factors. Flower petals will have a lot of uncut edge if the quality is not good , which is unacceptable for us as Hoforwill. If a small amount of uncut edge, we can deal with by some high temperatures technology. And if you find there are still a little uncut edge when you receive the flowers. You can repair them by a scissor , to keep the beautiful shape.


Raw Material:


Cutting :


Effect :

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