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Artificial flower

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As everyone knows Artificial flowers can let fresh flowers become Into eternity.


The material of Artificial flower is very rich, chemical fiber, silk,cloth, paper, PU,EVA,etc. As for the variety of flowers are no longer just like rose and lily but also butterfly orchid, tulip, small mum and so on.


In recent years, Artificial flowers become fashion and a kind of popular trend. Varieties and color are changing and updating. Both of abroad and domestic are widely used in wedding, home decoration, hotel decoration,party, festival,funeral,etc.Not only Single stem flower but also pot flower,bush , fake water and garland, etc.


Due to the Artificial flower is less influenced by season, environment, Artificial flower quality and color as the market developing trend.


For example, Color preference for consumers in the north and the south each have differences. the northern consumers prefers red series, such as orange, purple , etc.,  Southern consumers more prefer white and green.


Above all, the prospect of artificial flowers in the world is beautiful,sustainable development.

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